Spring Home Security Tips: Landscaping Security

Much research has been done on the correlation between temperature and crime rates that indicates as temperature increases criminal activity tends to rise. During warm months, people tend to interact with each other and travel suggesting more opportunities for criminals to capitalize on homeowners’ mistakes. In addition, criminals are psychologically inclined to act on their unlawful intentions in warmer months.

With spring fast approaching meaning warmer weather, it is imperative that you start thinking of a home security plan that protects your house from increased criminal activity. Many people during the springtime tend to start cleaning and landscaping their yards. Here are four landscaping and yard ideas to help prevent burglaries and stop intruders.

    • Plant Thorny Bushes and Prickly Hedges: Plant thorny bushes and prickly hedges strategically around your yard and house to stun and halt intruders in their tracks. HGTV published a fantastic article that describes the types of plants and bushes that are very effective in stopping criminals.
    • Build a Fence: You may think that a simple fence is not an adequate crime deterrent. However, many criminals will not chose your house because of the added difficulty to enter your property. We suggest building a fence around the border of your property that is about five to six feet tall. This height ensures that a criminal will have a difficult time climbing it.
    • Light up Your Yard: Lighting up your yard with spotlights and path lights can prevent criminals from breaking in your house because they will feel more exposed. You should use a combination of motion sensored lights and standard outdoor lights to shock and scare criminals away and to illuminate your house.
    • shed with lockInstall Quality Locks on Shed & Barn Doors: Many sheds and barns have low quality, weak locks that can be easily broken. If you have valuable yard equipment in a shed you should protect it with a high quality lock. We also suggest evaluating your shed to ensure that it is strong enough to resist forced entry. If you need a lock installed contact us and we will send one of our experienced experts to secure your doors.


All of these Spring Home Security tips will make you more comfortable knowing that you have an added line of defense that will deter criminals from ever reaching the doors of your house. If you any questions about home security or would like to learn about the security and locksmith services we offer that can add an additional line of protection, contact us today.