Deadbolt Locks: The Key to Home Security

Consumers purchase a variety of home security products to ensure that they are well protected from the malicious outside world. With the growth in security technology over the past decade, these products have evolved to include high level security systems and digital door locks. While investing in any level of home security is extremely important, we believe the traditional deadbolt lock offers the most protection at a low cost.

How a Deadbolt Lock Works

Unlike knob locks, deadbolt locks have a particular locking mechanism that extends into the door frame. More specifically, the lock contains a steel bolt that can only be moved if the right key is inserted into the lock cylinder or keyhole. Once a deadbolt is locked, the steel bolt extends into a hole in the door frame that is reinforced by a metal strike plate. The strike plate is essentially a shield that holds the bolt securely into the wall of your house.


Deadbolt Lock Installation

In order for deadbolts to be effective, it is imperative that it is installed by an expert. As stated above there are many parts to a deadbolt lock that need to properly mounted in order for the whole system to work correctly. If one part is missing from the locking system the whole lock can be easily compromised. Also, the lock should be installed with high quality, hardened metal screws and parts to ensure that it holds up to forced entry.

According to FBI Statistics, there was an estimated 8,975,438 property crime offenses in the United States in 2012. Thus, it is crucial that you install a deadbolt lock to ensure maximum protection from a break in. Here at Interstate Locksmith, we have an extensive team of experienced residential locksmiths that are trained in door lock installation. Contact us today to ensure that your house does not get broken into, or visit our store to purchase a high quality deadbolt lock.