Locksmith in Herndon VA

Herndon Locksmith Services – Offering locksmith services with our trained team of locksmith experts and professionals who are skilled enough to find the answer to all locksmith and emergency problems. Interstate Locksmith Inc. offers all kinds of locksmith services in Herndon and its surrounding areas. Herndon locksmith services include:

Herndon Locksmith Services – repair, replacement and installation of:

  • locks
  • access control system
  • safes
  • security gates
  • doors
  • intercoms
  • security cameras

Herndon Auto Locksmith Services – our car locksmith services are available for:

  • Emergency lockout/opening
  • Replacing transponder vat keys
  • Creating new car ignition lock keys
  • Opening locked and jammed car doors
  • Changing ignition locks and installing a new one
  • Creating duplicate ignition lock keys

Herndon Emergency Services – our emergency locksmith services include:

  • Re-keying services
  • Emergency intercoms, locks, doors repair and installation
  • Key copying services
  • Emergency locked doors opening
  • Emergency surveillance system repair, replacement and installation

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If you have had a break in or are in need of additional information about Residential, Commercial or Auto security in your area, please contact the Herndon Police Department.

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